7 Terrible Liberal Gun Control Arguments … And How To Beat Them

I argue for a living. I often deal with hacks, liars, and agenda-driven fanatics. But never in a quarter century of being in courtrooms have I faced such a blizzard of constitutional illiteracy, technical ignorance, flabby reasoning, and outright lies as I have to deal with people who think our Second Amendment rights are up for debate.

Our rights are not up for debate. But, as a courtesy, because talking is the way a free people should endeavor to solve problems, we should debate them anyway. Rational discussion beats the alternative – many of us are vets who saw the alternative overseas – even if the other side prefers emotional blackmail using articulate infants to bum rush their anti-civil rights policies. So, here are seven (it could have been 50) of the most annoying – and dishonest – arguments you will hear, and how you can fight them.

1. You Don’t Actually Have The Right To Own Guns Because You Aren’t In A Militia!

Nope. That’s wrong right off the line because Heller v. District of Columbia (2008) 554 U.S. 570, holds as a matter of settled law that individuals have the right to keep and bear arms regardless of their militia status.

The Second Amendment provides: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Justice Scalia, writing for the majority in Heller, dismissed the argument that this right somehow, despite the clear text, belongs to “militias” and not individuals. Your opponent may not like that, but that’s what Heller says. That’s what the Constitution says.

I was there with the Army in LA, by the way. Don’t tell me chaos can’t happen here.

2. But Wait – It Says “Well-Regulated Militia.” Doesn’t That Mean The National Guard?

Well, aren’t citizens with guns not “well regulated?” No. Congress regulates the militia – Article I, Section 8, Clause 16 of the Constitution provides that “The Congress shall have Power To …provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia….” And Congress has decided what “well regulated” means. It means the current level of regulation since that is what Congress has imposed. It could enact further regulation if it wished. If the Congress feels like decreeing that every member of the militia (which Congress can expand as it wishes to better reflect society) must be armed with an AR15, it can. (Hint hint).

3. Well, Scalia Still Says Guns Can Be Regulated So We Can Ban Modern Weapons!

No. What the anti-civil rights crowd likes to do is cite language from Heller that recognizes a few traditional exceptions to when and what arms may be kept and borne – in other words, gun banners try to have narrow exceptions swallow up the rule. Always pivot back to and demand that these people recite the basic holding: The Second Amendment recognizes the right of citizens to individually keep weapons in common use for lawful purposes, including self-defense.

Liberals hate when you do that, especially when you confront them with the fact that Heller protects weapons “in common use.” In that case, it was handguns. However, the fake assault weapons that liberals hate (which are involved in a tiny fraction of crimes) numbers in the millions. AR15-style weapons are in common use. Deal with it.

Oh, I guess they never filled out a Form 4473. You know, all the lies about it being “easier to buy a gun than a Pepsi”does not exactly inspire us to believe that the gun banners’ pleas for “common sense reforms” are anything but the first steps toward confiscation and disarming our citizenry. Lying demonstrates a lack of good faith.

Nor does the fact that none of these “commonsense gun regulations” addresses the problems they cite. Ask your gun banner pals which reforms they want that would have stopped any of the recent killing sprees by people who are not conservative observant Christian or Jewish NRA members. Background checks are their usual go-to. Those are already a thing, and the scumbags all passed, except for the one scumbag whose check the FBI screwed-up.

You know, instead of hassling citizens who have committed no crime, maybe we ought to demand our law enforcement agencies start doing their damn jobs.

5. You Have Blood On Your Hands!

Actually, don’t stop them when they go this way. Scummy drama queen invective like this is proof that the stubborn defense of our rights is working, and that they have nothing else but to lie about us. Their hysterical shrieking helps motivate other people who may not have been paying attention to protect their rights. After all, “You support murdering children!” is a super-effective way to alienate normal folks and highlight the essential dishonesty of the gun banners.

6. No One Wants To Take Your Guns!

This is another classic lie. In fact, that’s exactly what liberals want to do. How do we know? They tell us when they think we are not looking – and, with more frequency, when we are. It’s fun when they say they don’t want to take your guns, then say you have to give up your ARs. If your opponent is getting wistful about Australia’s gun confiscation, he wants to take your guns.

Let’s get serious. They all want to take your guns. Why? Two reasons. First, it takes power from the citizenry. Liberals love that. Second, gun rights are important to normal Americans because the fact we maintain arms means we are not mere subjects. We are citizens, with the power to defend our freedom. Liberals hate that we have that dignity; taking our guns would humiliate us, and show us who is boss. They want to disarm us not because of the gun crime – name a liberal who wants to really do something about Chicago as opposed to hassling law-abiding normals – but because they hate us and want to see us submit.

Even the Fredocons are getting into the act, which is no surprise since Never Trumpism is always the first step downward to active liberalism. Pseudocon Bret Stephens demanded that America repeal the Second Amendment in the New York Times in October 2017. Fellow puffcon Ross Douthat simpered something similar, and the Captain Stubing of ConservatismBill Kristol, tweeted his concurrence.

7. The Second Amendment Is Obsolete And This Stuff About Defending Against Tyranny Is Crazy!

Obsolete? Isn’t our Constitution a living document that should change with the time? Well, in the last couple decades gun rights have expanded massively across the country via legislation – faster and more thoroughly than gay marriage did – so the Constitution is evolving toward recognizing more gun rights. Anti-civil rights holdouts like New York and California are failing to recognize that the Constitution changes with the times and stuff, and those states must conform to the new consensus about the freedom to keep and bear arms. That’s how this works, right? Right?

Did you liberals say that our government is always going to be benevolent? Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of the revelations of government misconduct and oppression of individual citizens for their views. Also, since Trump is totally Hitler for real, isn’t giving him a monopoly on force a bad idea?

Finally, there is the claim that “a bunch of violent country guys with rifles couldn’t take on the government anyway.” First, at the threshold, this is a disgusting slander. Violence is the last resort justifiable only in cases of outright, active violent tyranny where no political or judicial processes are available. The idea that American citizens, many veterans, are somehow chomping at the bit for a civil war is right up there in the Liberal Slander Top 10.

American citizens do retain the right to use force to stop such tyranny. If some government decided to say, round up Jewish citizens, violence would be appropriate to protect our fellow citizens as a last resort. Luckily, our street-level law enforcement personnel and military would never do such a thing, but that does not mean a situation could never arise where people acting under the color of authority might seek to violently violate the Constitution and deprive citizens of their rights and lives. The Founders were wise to recognize our citizens’ right to have the ability to resist violent tyranny.

But could citizens effectively resist violent tyranny? That’s a long story – someone ought to write a novel on the subject – but the short answer is, “Yes.” As Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan all teach, a decentralized insurgency with small arms can effectively confront a modern police/military force. Of course, in America’s case, the police and military rank and file are much more likely to sympathize with their fellow citizens and freedom than with some hypothetical tyrant, making such a horrifying scenario highly unlikely – though not utterly impossible.

But the bottom line is that two untrained idiots with handguns shut down Boston. What do you think 100 million Americans – many trained and some battle-tested – could do with their rifles? (To get a feel for the level of utter dishonesty among our opponents, just scroll down to the comments and count the lies about me somehow supporting civil war in this column).

The liberals want to have a conversation about guns. So should those of us who love freedom. We have the facts. We have the law. We have the right. And we have a choice.

Citizens bear arms and hold a veto over tyranny. Serfs obey their masters because they have no choice. Pick one.


Reposted from https://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2018/02/22/7-terrible-liberal-gun-control-arguments–and-how-to-beat-them-n2451718

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But You Said I Was Being Paranoid! No One Is Coming for Our Guns…Explain This!

“We just want common sense gun safety measures…Don’t be paranoid! No One is coming for your guns…blah, blah, blah…”

Uh, okay. Then why is this happening in various locales in the U.S.A.??


Why is the State of Illinois issuing a MANDATE that ALL 18-20 year-olds that own rifles and shotguns, turn them into law enforcement or face Felony Prosecution? Here is the proposed Oregon Law:


Of course, The State, “agents” of the State and the Military are EXEMPT. Wasn’t this tried before? Oh, yeah. Here’s an excerpt from the news report:

Boston – National Guard units seeking to confiscate a cache of recently banned assault weapons were ambushed by elements of a Para-military extremist faction. Military and law enforcement sources estimate that 72 were killed and more than 200 injured before government forces were compelled to withdraw.

Speaking after the clash, Massachusetts Governor Thomas Gage declared that the extremist faction, which was made up of local citizens, has links to the radical right-wing tax protest movement.

Gage blamed the extremists for recent incidents of vandalism directed against internal revenue offices. The governor, who described the group’s organizers as “criminals,” issued an executive order authorizing the summary arrest of any individual who has interfered with the government’s efforts to secure law and order.

The military raid on the extremist arsenal followed wide-spread refusal by the local citizenry to turn over recently outlawed assault weapons.

Gage issued a ban on military-style assault weapons and ammunition earlier in the week. This decision followed a meeting in early this month between government and military leaders at which the governor authorized the forcible confiscation of illegal arms.

One government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, pointed out that “none of these people would have been killed had the extremists obeyed the law and turned over their weapons voluntarily.”

In case you missed this bit of history because it wasn’t taught to you in school, this event was the spark that initiated The American Revolution against the British. If you think for one minute that Hundreds of Thousands, if not Millions, of Law Abiding Americans, will just roll-over and allow themselves to be disarmed, You are sadly mistaken.

The State of Illinois is ORDERING 18-20 year-olds to turn in ALL Firearms or face prosecution! So, if you are a married couple, a single parent, or a single woman with a stalker or restraining order against an ex, the STATE has determined that you have No Right to self-defense, the Right to Life or Liberty because the STATE has deemed you too immature to be responsible with a firearm. You can still enter into a legal contract, buy a car or a house. You can still join Our military and Put Your Life on the line for your Country, to Protect Our Constitution WITH A FUCKING GUN, however, You, yourself cannot possess a firearm in your home to defend your life and the lives of your loved-ones.

To those State Governments and “elected” officials, I say, FUCK YOU!! Just like in CA, CT, and NY, MILLIONS of Patriots, “Free” Americans have and will continue to Refuse to Comply with your UnConstitutional edicts. There are Millions of Americans who WILL shed the Blood of Tyrants to Defend Our God-given Rights!

Where are we and Our Marches??? Where are Our Walkouts? Time to go on the protest offensive…until it’s time for the violent offensive. And, it’s coming soon enough.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure, Jefferson wrote in a letter to William S. Smith, a diplomatic official in London, on November 13, 1787.

I think it’s about time….

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“If You Are not Prepared to Use Force to Defend Civilization, then be Prepared to Accept Barbarism.”

“Our civilization, our Western World, Judeo-Christian culture is under attack, and I have to take the time to write about it. I need to fight it, and hard. I don’t say nice things anymore. I don’t worry about offending people (which explains my Permanent Ban on Twitter). President Trump leads by example. It’s OK to be crude to make a point.

Our culture is under assault, folks. We don’t have time to be nice. The dangers are that precarious. When a kid is playing in the middle of the street, his father doesn’t make nice and beg. He grabs the kid and screams at him for his dangerous stupidity. “Don’t ever do that again!”

Islamic hordes are on the run in the Middle East. Why? Because our President vowed to “Bomb the hell out of ISIS!” Oh, but the President can’t use such language!” shriek the establishment made up of pearl-clutching whimps. It’s not nice, but it had to be said. Interestingly enough, he did not get offended. Yes, he can—and he’s doing his job, too. I got into a war of word with one Trump supporter over his “un-presidential rhetoric” on Twitter and in public. My answer? To quote the wildly successful Governor of Maine? “Tell ‘em to kiss my ass!”

There are barbarians at the gates. The radical Islamic world sees their chance to impose Sharia around the world. I say “No” to that. A friend of mine, a Muslim and Trump supporter, was offended when I posted this incredible debate from a UKIP leadership debate. This woman in exacting detail courageously explained to her audience that Islam is not a religion of peace. I did not apologize, but told him plainly “Islam is a cult”. I have no problem with Muslims who live peaceful lives, but I urge them to look deeply into the Koran, and they will find a mass of misconceptions and contradictions, with the final result of urging war against infidels and blind submission to Allah for all mankind.

So many church people have faulted me that such language is “unbecoming.” Do they read their Bibles? During His earthly ministry, Jesus did not mince words, calling the religious establishment “a brood of snakes and vipers.” He even shouted down one of his disciples when he told Him not to die on the Cross. Spare me the lecture about pious niceties. We as the arbiters and defenders of our civilization must not get caught up in the civility scam. Thomas Sowell said it so well: “If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism.”

I am prepared to be an uncivil civilian, and I don’t care who’s offended. This strong sentiment ran through my mind when I wrote about how my State Representative Randy Fine (and Four other “Republican Reps.) betrayed his constituency in voting for the new restrictions on Law-Abiding Citizens here in Florida (https://gunfighter32908.com/2018/03/10/the-betrayal-of-the-people-by-representative-rand-fine/).

ENOUGH, I say!

Yet at the same time, I got picked at and picked on by fellow warriors and even some people who call themselves “Culture Warriors. They don’t like some of the words that I use. Some of them do not like my tone. Local so-called members of the Republican Party have repeatedly told me to watch the words that I say.

The illegal alien hordes have become so brazen in their arrogance. They announce in the streets that they are “Undocumented and Unafraid.” No, they are illegal aliens. Does the term “illegal” hurt your feelings? Good!

Don’t be civil when people are shameful. Shame them right back! Double down! Punch back twice as hard. You only have to look to President Trump for a great example.

Traitorous Republicans have joined hands with this ruination. It is just untenable to me how corrupt politics has become in my own country. Instead of taking it lightly, I realized that I have to declare political war on both parties.

Civility, accommodation, and playing nice with Republican and Democratically elected officials is over, especially GOP holdout-sellouts on Our Constitutional Rights with regards to gun control. It’s time to take back our country. Making America great again is not about placating and pleasing everyone, but standing up for what is right, even if it means disrupting a few tea parties or pissing off the liberal idiots around you.”

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More Inaccurate Crap from Another Mouthpiece for Banning Guns.


“In her essay entitled, “NRA Decides Constitutionality???,” Jill Dennison, a.k.a. “Filosofa’s Word,” she, like all the other anti-gun proponents, is light on facts and heavy on the propaganda. Paul Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

I Swear to God, woman, that Mainstream Media and the anti-gun left messages are being “beamed” right into your head. You need to tighten down the tin-foil. Seriously, reading your screech is going to give me a brain tumor. Let us address your anti-gun propaganda piece beginning with this, the first of many ignorant assertions:

” The NRA had, obviously, been on a long leash, waiting and knowing the moment was coming, for they filed their suit only one hour after Governor Scott signed the bill into law. Since when does a lobbyist group have the right to write the laws in this nation? Since when does the NRA decide constitutionality??? Since when is the NRA the Supreme Law of the Land?

Do you not know how laws come about or who writes the laws of this nation? Perhaps you should Google the old “School House Rock” video from the 70’s to educate yourself. The NRA doesn’t decide the Constitutionality of ANY issue. They, however, as ANY person or legal entity does, have the Right to challenge ANY law they feel INFRINGES on the Rights of all Americans not just its Five Million plus membership. The “Supreme Law of the Land,” IS the Constitution which is being violated by the State of Florida. Nice attempt at your ad hominem attack against over Five Million Americans.

” The NRA claims “We filed a lawsuit against the state for violating the constitutional rights of 18- to 21-year-olds.” Seriously??? 18-21-year-olds have a constitutional right to murder? To buy and carry, concealed, a weapon that can cause mass destruction and take as many as 400 lives in a single 60-second minute? That’s right, people … the gun the shooter in Parkland, Florida, used on 14 February was an AR-15, which can fire up to 400 rounds per minute. And we believe that the founding fathers intended children age 18 to be in control of one of these weapons???”

The “law” does, in fact, violate the Rights of 18-20-year-old CITIZENS.  The law is in contradiction to Federal law and engages in age discrimination under the 14th Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Also, an entire class of CITIZENS has had their Rights taken from them WITHOUT “Due Process” as Guaranteed by the very same 14th Amendment.

Weapons DO Not cause “mass destruction.” People violate the laws and commit crimes, not inanimate objects. Holding the NRA responsible for crimes committed by criminal individuals is akin to holding AAA responsible for drunk drivers. As to your next point, even as a veteran myself, I’ve NEVER seen 400 people killed in 60 seconds with an actual machine gun let alone an AR-15.  Through military service and having been a law enforcement officer, I know, for a fact, that NO ONE can fire 400 rounds per minute (60 seconds) with an AR-15 or any other “assault-style” rifle, even if using standard 30 round magazines (idiots refer to “high-capacity” magazines). I’m a trained shooter and competitor who uses an AR platform all of the time. Even if one used 40 round magazines, with firing and magazine changes/reloading under stress, one couldn’t come close to a rate of fire approaching 400 rounds per minute -FACT.

How convenient for you anti-gun crazies call an 18-year-old a “child.” Funny how they’re an ADULT when charged with ANY crime, can sign legally binding contracts, buy a car, buy a house, JOIN the military and put their asses on the line for YOUR Constitutional Rights…with a GUN! Now, you say they’re NOT mature enough to purchase a rifle or shotgun for self-defense of their homes or loved-ones? A bit hypocritical aren’t we?! Here’s an uncomfortable Truth for you: with the exception of Parkland, EVERY “mass shooting” was committed by a person OVER the age of 21. Almost all were over 25 years-of-age.

Your non-critical thinking parroting continues…

” No, the NRA filed that suit because they were told by the people controlling their purse-strings to get rid of that law at all costs, for it might cost a few thousand sales to the gun industry. Might also save a few thousand lives, but hey … no big deal, right?”

Show me ANY empirical evidence to support this statement…it’s okay, I’ll wait…

As for your “save a few thousand lives…” Disingenuous to the point of LYING. After the Ten Year “assault weapons” ban put in place by the federal government, research done by private enterprise (Anti-gun groups), as well as the federal government’s own agencies PROVED that this ban did absolutely have NO effect on the rates of violent crime. Rifles of ALL types are used in less than 2% of all crimes involving a firearm and, in fact, so-called (by ignorant people), “assault style” weapons accounted for less than 1% of all violent crime. Pint-of-fact, of the last 96 “mass shootings” committed since 1972, only 6 were committed with an “assault-style weapon.”

These idiotic attacks on Gun Rights are a “blessing” to the NRA and the next largest pro-gun group, the G.O.A. (Gun Owners of America). Since these attacks started in earnest, interest in NRA membership is up by 4900%, Thank You!! Membership in the G.O.A. is also up markedly. As for gun sales, every time you whack-a-doodles start scream for gun control, gun sales go through the roof. Again, Thank You!

 Most gun owners do not belong to the NRA. The NRA actually represents a very small group of ordinary people. Their bigger concern is the manufacturers and sellers of guns. Just think, if every state in the nation passed even the watered-down law that Florida passed, the NRA would bankrupt itself filing lawsuits against every single state!”

You’re correct, most gun-owners are not members of the NRA. But, MORE of us are now, part of the 4900% increase since the baseless and nonsensical attacks on the largest organizations working to preserve the Rights of ALL Americans to include you. There are well over Five Million members of the NRA, who is funded in part by the gun industry and donors from all walks of life who support the NRA’s Core Mission. These include people from every walk of life. There are another 1.3 plus members of the Gun Owners of America same dynamic in play here as well. The overwhelming majority of Americans DO NOT believe in any more restrictions on guns. and, by all estimates, there are about 85+ million gun owners in this country who shot NO ONE yesterday.

Your problem is always the same. You use emotion and not facts, you use the talking points of the anti-gun lobby in order to drive an agenda. And, people like you are just emotional enough and dumb enough to believe what you are told to believe. One question for you, can you name one “mass shooter” who was a member of the NRA or GOA?? Go ahead. Research that one, once again, I’ll wait…

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A Little Gun History

“In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

56 million defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control:

You won’t see this data on the US evening news, or hear politicians disseminating this information.

Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws adversely affect only the law-abiding citizens.

Take note my fellow Americans, before it’s too late!

The next time someone talks in favor of gun control, please remind them of this history lesson.

With guns, we are “citizens”. Without them, we are “subjects”.

During WWII the Japanese decided not to invade America because they knew most Americans were ARMED!


Until Las Vegas, The Worst Mass Shooting in American history was committed by the U.S. Government on December 29,1890. 297 Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee Creek on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota were murdered by federal agents & members of the 7th Cavalry who had come to confiscate their firearms “for their own safety and protection”. The slaughter began after the majority of the Sioux had peacefully turned in their firearms. The Calvary began shooting and managed to wipe out the entire camp. 200 of the 297 victims were women and children.
Wounded Knee was among the first federally backed gun confiscation attempts in United States history. It ended in the senseless murder of 297 people.

The Second Amendment, the right of the people to take up arms in defense of themselves, their families, and property in the face of invading armies or an oppressive government. The Second Amendment was written by people who fled oppressive and tyrannical regimes in Europe, and it refers to the right of American citizens to be armed for defensive purposes, should such tyranny arise in the United States.

Wounded Knee is the prime example of why the Second Amendment exists, and why we should vehemently resist any attempts to infringe on our Rights to Bear Arms. Without the Second Amendment, we will be totally stripped of any ability to defend ourselves and our families.

If you value your freedom, please spread this antigun-control message to all of your friends.

Spread the word everywhere you can that you are a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment!

It’s time to speak loud before they try to silence and disarm us.

You’re not imagining it, history shows that governments always manipulate tragedies to attempt to disarm the people.”

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The Betrayal of the People by Representative Randy Fine

I listened to you on Bill Mick’s radio show on the other morning. I was so incensed I couldn’t even stay on the line to speak to you. You FAILED us. You FAILED the law-abiding people of Florida. And when you commented on Our Founding Fathers, I almost threw up in my mouth a little.

Even though you said that NONE of the gun control provisions would do ANYTHING to prevent any further shootings, you voted for them anyway. You offered reasons why you did…er, more like piss-poor excuses for your cowardliness.

You said…”Even if I had voted against it, it wouldn’t matter because there were enough votes to pass anyway..”

So, you voted to..” go along to get along” and was MORE concerned with you Political career than your Constitutional ethics. Our Founding Fathers went against the strong opinions of many of their countrymen to do what was right. It cost many their livelihoods, businesses, families and, even their very lives to make our nation free. Please don’t draw a comparison to yourself.

Then you said you voted for the legislation because of the other parts that were good and needed. I agree about there being some great ideas in the Bill. You and the other “republicans,” should’ve voted NO. Separated the gun issue from the rest. Gone to a special session to resolve the rest.

Then you told the People to commit a felony. You Did! In referencing a hypothetical 20 female who needs a gun for protection could have a family member buy it for her. The paperwork you fill out to purchase a gun clearly asks if the Person buying the gun for themselves and not another person. “IF,” they answer “no,” then the sale will not occur. If they answer “yes” and hand over the gun to a Prohibited person, they have committed a Felony. In your hypothetical, Dad/Mom is now (because of YOUR vote) buying a gun for the express purpose of providing that gun to a PROHIBITED person whom themselves cannot Legally purchase that or any gun because of their age! This is a straw purchase. ***FELONY***

Then you made the comment about “the first time” you buy a gun there is a 3 day wait! No. No, it’s not! It’s a THREE Day Wait EACH and every time you purchase a gun unless you have a CCW or hunting license.

It was as amusing as it was sad to listen to you sweat and try to explain your betrayal to your constituents. You Failed us, worse yet, You failed the Constitution!

You didn’t have the backbone to vote your conscious and take a Constitutional stand. Unlike Our Forefathers, you wouldn’t have lost your life, just a few votes.

Congratulations on obtaining your Political Whore Merit Badge.

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More “brilliance” from a Leftist Snowflake Anti-Gunner.

I would like to say that I’m shocked and amazed at the intellectual laziness and propaganda, but, alas, I’m not. William Budihardjo (https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/130537283/posts/4652 ), uses TWO anti-gun sources, https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/more-guns-do-not-stop-more-crimes-evidence-shows/, a left-leaning “scientific” periodical, and, the other, a RETAIL establishment (https://www.thehomesecuritysuperstore.com/self-defense-personal-defense-weapons-c=36 ), that a large portion of their sales is generated by the sale of stun-guns and other devices that will just piss off your average criminal. Fact: Stun Guns do NOT render anyone unconscious, it just PISSES THEM OFF!

Law enforcement uses the “stun-gun” portion of a Taser for “pain compliance.” Even the darts from a Taser do NOT render anyone unconscious, much less kill them.

So, let us get to a few of his flashes of “brilliance.”

First, self-defense right could be utilized without guns. In fact, there are about 500 non-lethal self-defense weapons that are available out there. It could be pepper spray, stun guns, or even batons. All of those weapons are perfectly designed to defend yourself from danger.

Remember that the word is self-defense” so the main objective is to defend yourself, not by offending and lethally attacking someone, like most of the cases with guns. So with that wild variant of self-defense weapons, there aren’t any excuses for a citizen for don’t have one self-defense weapon. So that argument is irrelevant anymore.” 

I don’t know where to begin to decipher this bullshit. “First,” (LOL), In most major metropolitan areas, besides firearms, most, if not all, of these “defenses” are not permitted under law. And, no “weapon,” is “perfectly designed” to defend yourself. He is correct however in stating that it is not lawful to goat someone into a lethal confrontation. -The only point that I take no issue with. He continues:

Second, gun bans haven’t fully work. Even in places that don’t allow guns, crimes still happen anytime with knives, etc. That is undeniably a true fact. But let me challenged you about something. Cite me one criminal law that fully worked. That makes people never attempt that criminal act again. Do you found it? The answer is of course no.”

This statement is just idiotic. True, gun bans have never fully “worked” on a number of fronts, not the least of which is the fact that there is Massive non-compliance. Good law abiding citizens will NOT surrender their only means to self-defense, especially those in rural areas. And yes, crimes (to include crimes involving the use of guns) still occur. In fact, William, after the gun bans in the U.K. and Australia, VIOLENT crimes against persons went through the roof! I wonder if the fact that the people didn’t have guns to defend themselves had anything to do with that?! Home invasions WHILE the family were at home went up dramatically BECAUSE the CRIMINALS had zero fear of being shot! Of course, no one can cite a single case of a criminal law that “fully works” you moron! They “fully work” on the law-abiding, news flash, CRIMINALS DON’T FOLLOW THE LAW! Criminals, if they can’t find a gun, will use anything to inflict injury, Trucks, cars, knives…etc. Notice how every year in China or some other Asian nation, some asshole attacks and injures/kills Dozens of people in a single incident? Do you not read about the cases of ARMED (gun) citizens defend themselves and STOP mass shooting events here in America?

So if it’s never going to work, why we don’t reduce the lethality factor such as guns. I assured you, knife involved crimes will have a lesser victim with a gun involved crime. With banning guns, we could reduce the possibility of gun-involved crime, and reduce possibility mean reduce potential victim. So it’s will be beneficial to all.”

Hey Dummy, in EVERY nation with gun bans, the criminals STILL use guns and knives to victimized the populace who has virtually no way to defend themselves and their loved-ones. Reducing the number of guns does NOTHING to reduce the number of crime victims and, in fact, INCREASES the number of crime victims (look at crime rates in Australia and the U.K. after the gun bans).

Third, guns facilitate many extreme irrational behaviors such as suicide, mass shooting, etc. Without guns allowed, irrational behaviors such as that will be limited and will be not facilitated. This could reduce many unfortunate collateral damages.”

I think you are a little light on your research, my friend. “Irrational Behaviors” will continue to occur regardless of whether or not the gun is the tool of choice. You cannot stop suicide attempts by banning anything. People kill themselves with glass, knives, razor blades, medications, hanging, crashes involving transportation…etc. You will NEVER eliminate mass shootings let alone any mass murder using any other methods. Again, CRIMINALS will use any and all methods to complete their mission. As I cited above, mass killing with knives is common enough in Asia. Point of Fact, MORE people are killed every year with knives, blunt weapons, hands and feet than are killed with guns.

This is a shocking one. Who could think that percentage of guns used during self-defense is less than 1%. So if 99% of the time, guns aren’t used for self-defense, then why guns are still out there even though it’s completely useless? To make it worse, if the gun is used in the self-defense, they were most likely unintentional shootings.”

Where the fuck did you get your data?! Your “1%” is actually around the 2% for the entire population of the U.S. And, the majority of the time, the firearm in question (being used for self-defense), is Not fired. The mere presence of the gun STOPPED the criminal act and was, in fact, a deterrent. And, unless you’re retarded, if your life was saved due to one of us 2%er’s, you would probably be appreciative. And, what Empirical EVIDENCE do you offer for your statement…”To make it worse, if the gun is used in the self-defense, they were most likely unintentional shootings.”? I’ll give you a hint, there is ZERO evidence anywhere to support your argument.

You need to read a few of my essays on my blog in order to educate yourself as to some actual facts. Try this one first!


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The Ignorance from Leftist Masquarading as Intellectuals Never Ends.

First of all, let me state that whoever wrote this piece, https://independentcy.com/2018/02/15/when-the-constitution-fails/, is a coward. Like many hit-n-run pseudo-intellectuals that blog here, they use some made up moniker in place of their actual identity. Unlike me, who isn’t afraid of anyone’s slings or arrows. But this piece is completely anonymous which is the way of the coward.

Whoever wrote this piece has the most shallow understanding of this great nation’s founding documents, the historical context of the role of guns in our history, the role of law enforcement, and the stupidity…er, inability to research basic historical FACTS with regards to what happens in societies when the populace is disarmed by ANY government. Mr./Mrs./Ze/Xi…etc, (However this dimwit describes themselves) states many wrong “facts.” Here is a taste:

Today, as has been the case for at least 100 or more years, the idea that we are going to rise up as a citizenry to a tyrannical government (i.e. the United States government) is laughable. As a citizen, you can own as many assault rifles as you want, and that battle will last about 5 minutes.

Really? How long did the Viet Cong last against the strongest military in the world? They kicked the asses of the French and drove the U.S. (Even though we Won), into a Peace Settlement. Nearly a twenty-year fight a with TWO world powers and we walked away. Where is your “logic” when placed into historical perspective? We WON the war with the British for independence. A bunch of pitchfork-wielding farmers went up against, at that time, the most powerful military in the world and we kicked ass. If you had any actual military training and warfare education, you wouldn’t make such an assinine statement.

After that, the 2nd Amendment doesn’t provide for anything else. It does not reference self-protection, nor property protection. It does not reference hunting. In fact, nowhere in the entire Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, or in any other founding document will you find a reference to shooting a home invader or a mugger, deer season, or target shooting.”

Not only do you misinterpret the Second Amendment and it’s purpose, you have ZERO understanding of the Bill of Rights. Removal of the Second Amendment would change Nothing in regards to the Right of self-defense. The Bill of Rights is a list of “Negative Rights.” That is,  a “negative right“, requires the Government to abstain from interfering with your actions as codified in the Bill of Rights. In other words, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights places restrictions on the GOVERNMENT, not the Governed. The Bill of Rights only codifies (places into writing…for those of you with a limited vocabulary), Our God or Naturally given Right to self-preservation or “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…” Note, not the guarantee of any of the aforementioned. Of all of the Rights listed in the Bill of Rights, the Second IS the most important. Without that Specific Right, none of the other Rights could be defended by the populace.

And yes, you are correct with reference to the absence of the “Right” to shoot a mugger, home invader, or sporting activities being in the Bill of Rights. However, if you didn’t have a gun in your home, you could be killed by a criminal, a wild animal, and, you would most assuredly STARVE to death as there were no grocery stores! As stated above, it was and is still a given that you have the Right to defend your life and property under the Second Amendment as numerous Court decisions have stated. The Main purpose of the Second Amendment serves as a Warning to any government that The People have the Right to shoot at the government when it oversteps its Constitutional Restraints.


And, the Anonymous “brain-trust” continues…

“If you have some internal need to possess a gun, join the police force or join the military. Use your gun for a higher purpose. If you believe in law enforcement and support them the way so many say they do, then make their job safer and easier…”

Any freshman year Criminal Justice major knows better than this. There has been Numerous State and Federal Courts to include the Supreme Court that has found that a…”fundamental principle of American law that a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any individual citizen.” Warren v. District of Columbia, 444 A.2d 1 (D.C. Ct. of Ap., 1981) There are many such decisions that you can find through any Lexis/Nexis legal search. One must depend on self-reliance for self-defense as police protection is not a Right of The People. It may be cliche’, but, it’s a truism…When seconds count, the police are only minutes or hours away. If, they even show up at all.

And even if, you or I end up being a tragic story where a criminal with a gun kills us because we did not have a gun to defend ourselves, our right to have that gun does NOT justify putting every single person in this country at risk while they do nothing more than go about their business of going to school, going to work, going dancing, going to a concert, or simply driving down the road.”

Spoken like a true martyr. You have the Right to allow yourself or a loved one to be killed in the name of your self-righteous pomposity. However, I’ll stick with my Right, my Duty to my family and to God to defend my life and/or the lives of other innocent parties. None of my firearms/guns put anyone at risk. One’s unlawful/criminal acts place them at risk. Trust me. If I shoot some dumb-ass, it will be because they desperately deserve the bullet I send their way. Your scenario(s) that you drivel on about “what if you wait…blah, blah, blah…” is complete bullshit. Tens-of-Millions of The People carry firearms in this country every day. And, there are (see FBI UCR and other police reports), literally somewhere around Two million Defensive uses of firearms every year, most of which resulted in NO shots being fired. The mere presence of a known firearm deterred many criminals from completing a criminal act(s).

So, please take your insufferable and pathetic opinion, devoid of actual facts or actual research, and leave this Representative Republic for a more gun unfriendly regime like North Korea. Through your own words, it is apparent that you would enjoy living in a police state. And, please, STOP posting your pseudo-intellectual bullshit.

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A Tale of the Average Ignorant American Regurgitating The Anti-Gun Talking Points

In my first installment of “Please Just Shut the Fuck Up Already,” I exposed the ignorance of people who advise the media on the subject matter of which they know little about. Now, I’m taking on an everyday person who has little original thought and tons of talking points from organizations, flawed polls from anti-gun media outlets…etc.

Today, I highlight the ignorance of one Philip E Jenks of Port Chester, NY. In his essay entitled, “Guns and the Yahootude,” he makes a number of assertions all of which are, of course, wrong. He engages in strawman attacks and is completely ignorant of current federal laws on the books. This is evidenced by calling for laws that already exist! He parrots the talking points of the main gun control groups as his “evidence” for his weak anecdotal arguments. Worse yet, he apparently knows very little about the Second Amendment and the Court rulings on the very Amendment that ensures Americans have the means to defend the other Rights enshrined in the greatest document ever written by man, save the Bible.

So, let us now delve into the genius who is Philip E Jenks. Allow me to start here:

Probably Latimer’s decision is supported by the majority of his constituents, many of whom are appalled by the extremes the gun lobby will go to make automatic rifles and concealed weapons available to all.”

Mr. Latimer is a local politician who issued an edict that prohibits “gun shows” in public buildings.  The remarks about the “gun lobby” are as amusing as ignorant. Exactly what “gun lobby” or organization is calling for making “automatic” weapons available for all? I’ll wait while the crazies research that one (hint: it’s not the NRA). As for “concealed weapons,” people who are legally permitted to possess firearms, must be, not should be, must be allowed to carry firearms for self-defense and the defense of others. I’m not going to lay out the case for this view, as there are THOUSANDS of documented (by law enforcement) cases of self-defensive uses of guns every year. You know. Such as the Texas church shooting where a citizen retrieved his gun, an AR-15, shot the bad guy and chased after him thereby Preventing him from harming anyone else. So, yeah. Concealed carry should be available to all adults as a choice. The next point is as senseless as the last quote.

Most Americans believe stricter controls should be placed on guns and gun ownership but these proposals have been consistently blocked by Republicans in Congress. Recent gun-related tragedies have been ignored by politicians except to express prayers and sympathy for the victims. it is a wonderment that Senate Republicans feel entitled to defy the wishes of the people they are supposed to represent. In my opinion, they are underestimating their presumed base, the Yahootude, into which I was born seven decades ago.

Point of fact, “most Americans” do not want more gun control. There are OVER 20,000  gun laws on the books in our great nation. These laws do NOTHING to stop Criminals, who, surprise, surprise, Don’t Follow the Law! Hey, Phil, use some logic here…please. Think. If “most Americans” were in favor of more gun control (laws), why do these Americans vote for Pro-Second Amendment candidates? Oh, BTW, it’s not just Republicans. There are, in fact, millions of Democrats, elected and other everyday American democrats who disagree with the gun control idiots. Virtually every “demand” ignorant people cry for, already exist in federal law. Background checks exist. In Fact, the Instant Background Check System exists BECAUSE of the NRA pushing our legislators in Washington D.C. to create it. The NRA believed, and still believes in background checks. Point of Fact: Those Republicans AND some Democrats are NOT defying ” the wishes of the people…” If they were, they wouldn’t be in office. See how logic works?

Hmm…”And I have no doubt that my fellow Yahootudians think allowing terrorists, the mentally ill, and domestic abusers to buy guns is a dumb ass idea. And so is the idea of selling guns to anyone who wanders into a gun show.

I could be wrong, but, I haven’t heard the NRA or any other pro-gun group call for arming “terrorists.” That’s what Democrats do..eh, Obama? Syria, anyone, anyone?? As far as the mentally ill, which ones? Just the ones who are a “threat to themselves or others?” Or, all designated as having any kind of “mental defect?” ADHD, people who suffer occasional depression, maybe people who can’t balance a checkbook (We see what you did Dept. of Veteran Affairs). And who decides who loses their Rights? What “Due Process” procedures are in place to protect my Rights or your Rights? As of right now, if I share the same name as someone on the “No-Fly List,” I’ll be barred from purchasing a gun! And there’s NO appeal process to get my name cleared and removed! What about my Rights? I suspect, Phil, you don’t give two shits about my Rights. As for “domestic abusers,” Let me educate you…The Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban, often called “the Lautenberg Amendment is an amendment to the Omnibus Consolidated Appropriations Act of 1997, enacted by the 104th United States Congress in 1996, which bans access to firearms by people CONVICTED of crimes of domestic violence. That’s right Phil! The law has been on the books for ELEVEN years. You need to do your research before you make yourself look like a “dumb-ass.”

Hey, Phil! Gunshows are, in fact, where people “wander in” and may buy guns. That’s kind of the point of the show! I have not been to one single show in recent years where EVERY table rented for gun sales was NOT Required to possess a Federal Firearms License in order to sell guns. The only unlicensed selling going on are the private sales taking place OUTSIDE of the gun show premises, as PERMITTED by Law. I can do with my private property as I like. “The Gooferment” has ZERO say in my private dealings with other Americans. There are Tens-of-Millions of guns out there purchased through a private sale. There is no, nor will there ever be a way, to regulate this activity and, for good reason. I guarantee if “Universal background checks are instituted, you Big Dummies on the Left will be responsible for creating a HUGE underground Black Market in firearms being bought and sold buy Non-Criminals.

Phil, Phl, Phil. Your ignorance shows yet again.

Seventy percent want a federal database to track gun sales, and 57 percent want a ban on assault-style weapons.

Creating a database of LEGAL gun purchasers is ILLEGAL under Federal law. And, it’s unnecessary. There are laws in place to track guns used in crimes. When a gun is found to be the instrumentality of a crime, BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms Explosives) calls the manufacturer with the serial number. The manufacturer informs BATF what Distributor the gun was shipped to initially, then the distributor tells BATF what Licensed Dealer bought the gun. Then the dealer pulls their record of the sale and gives that information to BATF for law enforcement to follow up on. Problem solved, been working for YEARS. As for your 57% who want a ban on “assault weapons,” (see my essay, “Please Just Shut the Fuck Up Already” for an ACCURATE description of an “assault weapon.”) NOT true. If one explains what an “assault weapon” actually is, and not what people think it is, thanks, mainstream media, lying politicians, and ignorant people like you, Phil, their opinion CHANGES. I know this to be fact, because, I’m a law enforcement firearms and use-of-force instructor and, I educate people almost every day. Tell me, Phil, what exactly constitutes an “assault weapon?” I’ll wait while you shuffle through your anti-gun websites and propaganda to come up with something.

There are reasons to be angry at Republicans who think they can defy public opinion with impunity and among the most important are the 58 persons killed and 546 injured last October when a gunman opened fire on a music festival in Las Vegas. Also, the 49 LGBT people who were shot dead in Orlando by a deranged man who had no difficulty purchasing a Sig Sauer MCX assault rifle.

The Las Vegas and Orlando massacres, which took place months after 9 members of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church were shot in Charleston, S.C., are not isolated events. According to a count by the Washington Post, 869 people have been killed in 126 mass shootings since Aug. 1, 1966, when ex-Marine sniper Charles Whitman killed his wife and mother, then climbed a 27-story tower at the University of Texas and killed 14 more people before police shot him to death.”

Wow! Where to begin. As for the Las Vegas incident, proves once again that a CRIMINAL who commits himself/herself to a certain course of action will be successful without any information that can be used to stop them. Please note that these shooters did, in fact, PASS background checks! As for your citation from the Washington Post, I’ll refer you to my essay entitled, “Inconvenient Facts” to see the Actual and Accurate numbers with regards to gun-related deaths…it pays to do some Actual Research, Phil.

When “Former,” not “ex” Marine Whitman engaged in his criminal act, Whitman sawed off the barrel and buttstock of a shotgun, then packed it into his footlocker, along with a Remington 700 6-mm bolt-action hunting rifle, a .35-caliber pump rifle, a .30-caliber carbine (M1), a 9-mm Luger pistol, a Galesi-Brescia .25-caliber pistol, a Smith & Wesson M19 .357 Magnum revolver, and more than 700 rounds of ammunition. He also packed food, coffee, vitamins, Dexedrine, Excedrin, earplugs, jugs of water, matches, lighter fluid, rope, binoculars, a machete, three knives, a transistor radio, toilet paper, a razor, and a bottle of deodorant.

Hey Phil! Where is the evil assault weapon? Since 1972, there have been 96 “mass shootings (Depending on the definition of “mass shooting”).” Of those 96, ONLY 6 involved an “assault-style” firearm. So, an assault-style weapon was used 0.0625% of the time. As for the Orlando shooting, you leave out some pertinent information, by mistake I’m sure. You left out the fact that this was, in fact, an act of TERRORISM. The person who committed this horrible act was a MUSLIM who took offense to the homosexual lifestyle (although he engaged in previous acts himself). His MUSLIM wife was an Accessory Before and After the Fact and was put on trial. He was known to law enforcement before this crime. As a side note, the shooter’s father, who lives here in Orlando, claims to be the “Rightful President” of Afghanistan…Coo-Coo for Cocoa Puffs!

And finally, as for your, well, not really yours, you’re just parroting the Lefts bullshit, claim of…

The rate of murder with guns is 25 percent higher in the U.S. than in other developed countries, according to the American Journal of Medicine. An American is ten times more likely to be killed by guns than persons living in other developed countries.

If you count ONLY the actual numbers, true. However, if you are an HONEST researcher, or unnamed blogger, PHILIP E JENKS, you would do REAL research and use the Per Capita STANDARD when comparing the countries of the world and NOT cherry-pick your data! So,




There are THOUSANDS of sources for Accurate data, like the U.S. Department of Justice and their UCR (Uniform Crime Reports).

I’m done “picking” on you, Phil. For now. Write some more stupid propaganda, and “I’ll be Back.”

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Inconvenient Facts

There are 30,000 gun related deaths per year by firearms, and this number is not disputed. The U.S. population is 324,059,091 as of June 22, 2016. Do the math: 0.000000925% of the population dies from gun-related actions each year. Statistically speaking, this is insignificant! What is never told, however, is a breakdown of those 30,000 deaths, to put them in perspective as compared to other causes of death:

• 65% of those deaths are by suicide, which would never be prevented by gun laws.
• 15% are by law enforcement in the line of duty and justified.
• 17% is through criminal activity, gang and drug-related or mentally ill persons – better known as gun violence.
• 3% are accidental discharge deaths.
So technically, “gun violence” is not 30,000 annually, but drops to 5,100. Still too many? Now let us look at how those deaths spanned across the nation.
• 480 homicides (9.4%) were in Chicago
• 344 homicides (6.7%) were in Baltimore
• 333 homicides (6.5%) were in Detroit
• 119 homicides (2.3%) were in Washington D.C. (a 54% increase over prior years)
So basically, 25% of all gun crime happens in just 4 cities. All 4 of those cities have strict gun laws, so it is not the lack of law that is the root cause.
This basically leaves 3,825 for the entire rest of the nation or about 75 deaths per state. That is an average because some States have much higher rates than others. For example, California had 1,169 and Alabama had 1.
Now, who has the strictest gun laws by far? California, of course, but understand, it is not guns causing this. It is a crime rate spawned by the number of criminal persons residing in those cities and states. So if all cities and states are not created equal, then there must be something other than the tool causing the gun deaths.
Are 5,100 deaths per year horrific? How about in comparison to other deaths? All death is sad and especially so when it is in the commission of a crime but that is the nature of the crime. Robbery, death, rape, assault are all done by criminals. It is ludicrous to think that criminals will obey laws. That is why they are called criminals.
But what about other deaths each year?
• 40,000+ die from a drug overdose.
• 36,000 people die per year from the flu, far exceeding the criminal gun deaths.
• 34,000 people die per year in traffic fatalities(exceeding gun deaths even if you include suicide).
• 200,000+ people die each year (and growing) from preventable medical errors. You are safer walking in the worst areas of Chicago than you are when you are in a hospital!
• 710,000 people die per year from heart disease. It’s time to stop the double cheeseburgers! So what is the point? If the liberal loons and the anti-gun movement focused their attention on heart disease, even a 10% decrease in cardiac deaths would save twice the number of lives annually of all gun-related deaths (including suicide, law enforcement, etc.). A 10% reduction in medical errors would be 66% of the total number of gun deaths or 4 times the number of criminal homicides ……………. Simple, easily preventable 10% reductions! So you have to ask yourself, in the grand scheme of things, why the focus on guns? It’s pretty simple:
Taking away guns gives control to governments. The founders of this nation knew that regardless of the form of government, those in power may become corrupt and seek to rule as the British did by trying to disarm the populace of the colonies. It is not difficult to understand that a disarmed populace is a controlled populace.
Thus, the second amendment was proudly and boldly included in the U.S. Constitution. It must be preserved at all costs. So the next time someone tries to tell you that gun control is about saving lives, look at these facts and remember these words from Noah Webster: “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed.”

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