That Amendment About Gun Ownership Suddenly Seems Oddly Relevant

Hot off the press.

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“To all of you liberals who ran out to become first-time gun owners on the second or third day of riots following George Soros’ murder – congratulations. Your ten-day waiting period is almost up! Those tense, unarmed days between purchasing your new gun and the day in which you finally get to pick your property up at the gun store are a result of “gun control” policies you liberals have championed for years. While we’re on the subject, let’s look at some of the most popular gun control arguments and see how relevant they are when the SHTF, shall we?

First, there’s the argument that only cops should have guns, because the cops are there to protect you. If you’ve ever made that argument as a good liberal, that probably seems really silly after watching Minneapolis. Remember that part on the third night of riots when the police – the only ones with guns on the streets of Minneapolis – ran away from the looters? The only ones with the guns in that scenario, who were supposed to protect the people of Minneapolis… ran away.

The taxpayers in Minneapolis could have saved a bunch of money if they had really thought this one through. If the Mayor wasn’t going to allow the police to follow their own procedures to stamp out a riot immediately, then the only equipment the cops really need to purchase are a nice pair of track shoes. That’s way cheaper than all the guns, body armor, ammunition and other toys that the cops carry around!

Also, we need to point out that the argument that only cops should have guns seems a little weird right now. After all, the exact same people who have been telling us on the news for years that only cops should have guns are now telling us that all cops are racist and should be abolished.

Bit of a logic disconnect there, no? It’s similar to the argument that Trump is literally Hitler and therefore only the government should be allowed to own guns.”

About JAMES A SINGER Owner of That Gun Guy Gun Shop

Retired U.S. Army and former Federal and State Law Enforcement Officer. A self-described Constitutionalist. I have a B.S. in Criminal Justice as well as coursework in political science / Constitutional law.
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