The 2nd Civil War is Already Underway

The Left (Democrats, Liberals, Communists, Socialists…etc.) declared war on America many years ago. Americans for the most part, were a forgiving people who gave those on the Left the benefit of the doubt. We elected the likes of Carter, Clinton and then Obama.

Obama was the straw that broke America’s back. The Obama administration is proving (daily) just how corrupt and criminal a government can be to even the strongest of democratic republics. The outright lies and misrepresentations, with not only tacit approval, but the complicity of the Mainstream Media in these criminal enterprises should shock every American. Unfortunately, the political climate coupled with this media love affair with the left has damaged our country so badly that it may take a second civil war to realign our country with our Constitution.

Last year, I lost a friend of forty-two years because of this climate. She has betrayed her upbringing, common sense and, decency because she bought into the lies of the left. There were some family issues like LGBTQ that hit home and caused a riff in their home. My friend bought into this liberal bullshit that anything goes and is okay. But, I  digress.

It got the point where she was posting/sharing straight-up LIES and Misrepresentations from the leftist media as “truth.” I started countering with actual facts. I countered her senseless memes with actual facts that anyone can verify with the most basic research skills. Alas, didn’t help. In my attempts to counter her programming, I only alienated her.

I am firm in my belief that she and the millions of others in our country are, in fact, mentally ill. You only have to look at the throngs of, for lack of a better term, Crazed people who are too stupid and lazy to examine the facts for themselves. We’ve become such a “drive-through, I want it now” nation. You want proof? It’s all around us. For example;

Many Americans, such as my former friend fall into this category. Recently, I unfriended one of my FB “friends” who is just over the top with soaking up every bit of these untrue so-called “facts” from the mainstream media. You cannot break the programming of these lemmings. After a few days of this nut-job complaining to her community of like-minded lemmings about my evilness, my ex-best friend chimed in with this;

Carla D****-**** I unfriended him a long time ago as well. His posts are so hate-filled and angry. I didn’t need that on my FB feed on a daily basis.”

This coming from the woman who believes that Our duly elected President is the offspring of the Anti-Christ and Hitler. She spends a few hours of her day spewing nothing but hate and contempt for our President, his administration, and his supporters. All she does is regurgitate CNN, MSNBC, et. al. lies and propaganda. So, countering with verifiable FACTS that discount her daily programming are evidence of my…” posts are so hate-filled and angry.”

Don’t get me wrong. We can have a disagreement on specific policies/issues. I love to engage in debate and critical discourse. However, I truly believe we as a nation are, in fact, past the tipping point. American conservatives, who used to be ridiculed at school and occasionally at work, are now being physically threatened, tossed from restaurants, refused service…etc. The Left has turned identity politics into a weapon of mass destruction. They label those like me with labels such as Murderer (Pro-gun), NAZI, White Supremacist,…etc. These terms are meant to de-humanize us. Once you “de-humanize a people, then those now non-humans can be discriminated against, attacked and ultimately, Murdered. Just ask the Gypsies, the Jews, et. al. Every day, we are threatened with violence, our children are threatened. Leftist Hollywood makes statements like the First Lady’s son should be forcibly taken from her and locked in a cage with pedophiles.

Who are the violent ones?! Watch  CNN or MSNBC for just one day. Then, give me ONE, Just One example of this kind of rhetoric coming from the mainstream Right. Who are the ones shutting down Free Speech, rioting, breaking windows and, setting fires on college campuses?? Hint: It’s NOT the “Right.” Who is rioting in major cities again, setting fires and destroying property?? Not the “Right.” If the Left wants to see REAL Nazi’s they only have to look in the mirror. The only thing these mainstream media idiots are missing is the wearing of brown shirts.

At this point, I’m ready. I’m ready for a “civil war.” I truly believe we NEED a Civil War. The only way we are going to return to Our Constitutional roots and end the downward spiral towards socialism is for the American people to rise up. We need to let loose the Patriots of this Great Nation to restore what has been stolen from us. If President Trump and the Office of the President continues to be assaulted by the Left and their minions in the media resulting in the Impeachment of Our President, then it’s time to let the bullets fly. Time to cut the head off of the snake of liberalism by using force to remove Leftists “leaders,” with Extreme Prejudice.


About JAMES A SINGER Owner of That Gun Guy Gun Shop

Retired U.S. Army and former Federal and State Law Enforcement Officer. A self-described Constitutionalist. I have a B.S. in Criminal Justice as well as coursework in political science / Constitutional law.
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