Sick to Death of The “Words Hurt” Leftists

“Mr. Singer, I have asked you more than once to treat my readers with respect, and you continue to speak disrespectfully. I ask you one last time, to tone it down and make your point using some degree of civility, else I shall block your comments from here on. This is a blog for serious, intelligent, civil discourse, not a mudfight.”



NO! NO! NO! Your “blog” (Propaganda Rag) is NOT about “serious, intelligent, civil discourse…” I express my personal viewpoint(s) without vulgarity or threats of any kind. You and some of your ilk are just CRYBABIES because someone has the balls to disagree with you based on evidence-based opinion. Just as you have the Right to spew your MSNBC, CNN…et. al. “talking points,” I just as your other followers have the Freedom of Speech to rebut your arguments. If you and your followers are such fragile “victims,” maybe a public forum of Free Speech isn’t for you. You and your ilk are free to critically analyze and critique ANY of my blog postings and I will respond appropriately as an adult. Maybe you’ve forgotten that part of being an adult is to suffer the slings-and-arrows from others we don’t agree with. I will NOT allow those of you on the Left to monopolize the bully-pulpit. Funny how the words you don’t agree with are, “obnoxious and aggressive.” I suggest you look at your own words towards Our President and other duly elected politicians with whom you display Zero respect for at any time. Are your words Not “aggressive?”
-Respectfully, James


One of more than a few exchanges between me and Ms. Dennison. Virtually every day she rants on about Our President, other duly elected or appointed government official. Mostly these rants are mirror copies of the garbage regurgitated by the leftist mainstream media.

Her issue with me seems to be the fact that I sometimes, about once a week, take issue with something she posted or respond to one of her followers who decides to lecture me about one of my responses. Apparently, I fail to understand that the “reply” link is only to be used by those sycophants that heap praise upon her and, not from anyone who disagrees with her point of view.

This is the problem with Facebook, Twitter, et. al. One ends up preaching to the choir because if you take on one of these Fragile Snowflakes who refuse to grow-up and Respect Your opinion, they attack you and cry to the media platform (gods) using terms like “obnoxious, Aggressive, threatening, bullying…etc.

So, I would say to any and all of your weak and fragile SJW, snowflakes, Leftists…etc., Grow-up! If you are not willing to hear from the opposite end of the spectrum, then don’t use any social media! Take up a new hobby like knittings or Words for Friends.


About JAMES A SINGER Owner of That Gun Guy Gun Shop

Retired U.S. Army and former Federal and State Law Enforcement Officer. A self-described Constitutionalist. I have a B.S. in Criminal Justice as well as coursework in political science / Constitutional law.
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2 Responses to Sick to Death of The “Words Hurt” Leftists

  1. Woebegone but Hopeful says:

    Hi there.
    There are going to be times when there will be no room for agreement be it politics, religion, social views, military action, and so on and when we read what the opposition are saying our Blood Pressure is going to go up and our Restraint is going to go shooting out of the window. That’s how we all roll. The question is what will our responses be?
    Firstly, let’s be honest, we all gravitate to those we agree with and we all swap comments which will be well-received. It’s nature to do so. We all like to have affirmation and read those who with agree with and see ‘Yes! Well said!’
    The question is what do we do when we decide to step into stormy waters and make statements which are way out of kilter with the group we’ve chanced upon?
    I’m going to stick with the political one here. My own particular Christian beliefs teach me it is not for me to take issue with another person’s beliefs whatever religion; that is up to God, I will try and live as best I can by Christ’s teachings (and frequently fall short) (Though this has never been tested with a satanist yet)
    Sorry about that digression.
    OK, so politics. Well it’s a bully-pulpit isn’t it? I can’t recall one Presidents of the USA nor Prime Minister of the UK who was not challenged, called to account, criticised, mocked or vilified by one section of the population or another in their tenure, and I have been on all sides of the argument. So, President Trump is getting flak; my response is ‘Yeh. Goes With The Turf’ No sooner has someone taken Oath of Office than ….’Pow!’ as it were. That’s democracy
    So we never agree. And we have a situation in the USA where the President did not gather more votes than their opponent; which is not dissimilar to what happen in the UK 2017 General Election. Happens quite a bit on democracies, there’s always flak.
    But that does not stopping us from diving in does it? Did it myself last week, in the UK we have folk who claim the BBC is biased in favour of the government (and there’s another group who say the BBC is biased against the government). Anyway I went into the FB page said I didn’t agree and stirred up a hornet’s nest. Well I was accused of being a fascist and told that a ‘Remain’ (that’s against Brexit) march was a more important thing to report on the BBC than gun deaths in the USA and I naturally disagreed, literally wrote ‘bye-bye’ and quit the site. I won’t be going back there, because I’d be having too much fun annoying them.
    So do we take it personally? Of course we do. We wouldn’t be human. Do the opposition take it personally? Sure they do. That’s how it rolls.
    I tell you this much why I side with what you’d call SnowFlakes (that’s not an effective insult by the way- Snowflakes are individual and when enough of them fall they can form a pretty impressive barrier) and what you might call Left (which aren’t Left by my standards- but that’s UK politics). I don’t think Mr Trump is worthy of the American people’s trust. I see an opportunist billionaire who does not know what it’s like to live day to day worrying about where the next pay check comes from, I see a man with no practical idea of politics and you don’t need amateurs (Actually I don’t like Jeremy Corbyn leader of the UK Labour Party either and he’s supposed to be on my side of the political fence and I like his followers even less) .
    And the whole thing is complicated. I’ll give you this advice though, keep back with the insults, argue your views, but stem the insults. You never know when you’ll need each other. It’s a hellva world out there.
    Best wishes

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  2. Suze says:

    With all due respect, the president that you believe is making things great again seems to be not quite stable, not quite well informed and very quick to behave irrationally. Just what exactly has he done besides promote a tax cut for the wealthy (although I really can’t totally lay that as his feet as he only signed Mr Ryan’s bill)? Could you please, without insulting anyone, state the president’s accomplishments for me?


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