We Are To Blame for School Shootings

Well, another tragic shooting in another “Gun Free Zone.” And, the reaction from the Left is as it always is after one of these events. “We have to ban guns,” “We have to ban those dangerous automatic assault weapons…” The All Unknowing experts” have spoken.

Instead of addressing the real issues concerning violence in our country, we’ll just talk about stripping law-abiding citizens of their Constitutional, God-given Rights. We will blame inanimate objects with no consciousness, no culpability. We’ll lie about the President placing guns into the hands of the mentally ill. We’ll blame an entire class of people, the GOP, Republican voters, Conservatives…etc. We’ll blame everyone but the individual who actually committed the crime.

Many of us make the point that no one blames the automobile for DUI deaths. We blame the drunk driver. And, like clockwork, some idiot will screech…” but, cars are regulated, licensed and insured!!” So, I’ll posit, “So, if we “regulate, license every gun owner, and, require liability insurance, and some asshole shoots up another school, you will not cry about guns, but instead demand the punishment of the shooter and not every gun owner!” That’s when I get one of two responses, either silence or called a “racist,” “gun-nut,” or “mentally ill person.” I’m not sure what race has to do with this.

The Left will even attack the families of those killed. As evidence, I offer this…


Apparently, you deserve sympathy for the loss of your child UNLESS you voted for our President, then you deserved what happened to you. The left makes the most horrific statements like…”I feel bad for the dead daughter. But, not for the father. That’s what he gets for voting Republican!” And, you wonder why President Trump is where he is?!

The Left goes as far as to BLAME Our President for the shooting. And, the Mainstream Media is all too happy to feed these delusions, misrepresentations, and outright lies. The biggest lie in the aftermath of this tragedy is that President Trump  “rescinded an  Obama era Executive Order that kept guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.” Here are the Facts. Under the Obama administration, the Department of Veteran Affairs was allowed to continue to place the names of veterans on a list and send that list to the FBI. Those names and other personal information were then placed on the prohibited list of individuals prohibited from purchasing firearms. These actions were taken with NO judicial oversight. No adjudication from a court of law of mental incapacity. In other words, the Due Process Rights under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution were denied to these individuals.

So, what was the “mental illness” from which these individuals suffered? Apparently, they had issues with paying bills on time and balancing a checkbook. Seriously. That was the “mental illness.” Here’s the scenario. Grandpa (a Veteran) worked his whole life while grandma always took care of finances (paying the bills). Then one day, grandma dies. Grandpa goes to VA for HEALTHCARE and mentions needing assistance with handling his finances. The definition of “assistance” consists of labeling this veteran, this hero, “mentally ill or incompetent.” then the VA sends his name to the FBI. So, now grandpa gets a letter from the VA telling him that he is no longer “permitted to own or possess firearms.” That was the injustice that President Trump ended. There is no, nor has there ever been a Federal Law stating mentally ill people, cured or otherwise, can not own a firearm. Therefore, President Trump DID NOT “end the law preventing the mentally ill from purchasing/owning firearms.” But hey, why allow FACTS to get in the way of the Mainstream Media anti-Trump propaganda machine.

Whose to blame for these school shooting tragedies? We the American people are to blame. We put more value on wealth and fame than we do our own families. We have security systems in our homes and neighborhoods, guards at our financial institutions, convenience stores, shopping malls, sporting events, nightclubs, public events, and parks. Our politicians have armed security, media figures such as Oprah, celebrities and many well-known “journalists” won’t leave their homes without Armed Security. Why is that we refuse to even discuss placing armed guards or training and arming teachers to protect Our children?!

As a former law enforcement officer/detective as well as, retired military, this pisses me off. I have two young school-age children. When I take them to school every morning, I am armed. I carry concealed and carry one “modern sporting rifle,” i.e. an AR-15 or another rifle in my car. I will not allow my child, your child or any other innocent person to become a victim if I’m present. Late last year, I had to draw my weapon on an individual who was aiming a rifle at passing vehicles, aiming towards my son’s preschool (next door to an elementary school). It turned out that the individual was a 12 year old with a realistic looking pellet rifle. But, what if that kid was armed with an actual firearm? What if he decided to enter the preschool and start shooting people? Under our current environment, there would have been a lot of dead/injured children and teachers.

We should be ashamed of the fact that we refuse to use “common sense” gun laws to place the power to protect our children where they are most vulnerable, outside of the home. There are hundreds of thousands of former/retired military and law enforcement officers who would gladly stand guard at every school in this country to protect Our children. If you’re not in favor of school staff being trained and having access to the tools needed to protect my children, your children, then you don’t deserve to be a parent!


About JAMES A SINGER Owner of That Gun Guy Gun Shop

Retired U.S. Army and former Federal and State Law Enforcement Officer. A self-described Constitutionalist. I have a B.S. in Criminal Justice as well as coursework in political science / Constitutional law.
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