Social Media: The Echo Chambers Meet the Star Chamber.

In the film, The Star Chamber, Judge Steven Hardin is discouraged by the failures of the legal system after seeing hardened criminals go free on technicalities. Acknowledging Hardin’s perspective, his peer, Benjamin Caulfield, introduces him to the Star Chamber, a secret organization that condones vigilante action in cases where justice has not been served.

In today’s world of online Social Media, the Star Chamber is alive and well. The bullies on the block are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Youtube, et. al. are the modern and very real Star Chambers populated by anti-free speech progressive (er, Oppressive) left. Don’t believe me? Every account I created on Twitter (4) has been suspended permanently. I regularly end up incarcerated in Facebook jail three to four times per year Thirty days at a time…not an exaggeration. It’s gotten to the point where I now have two separate Facebook accounts so that I always have at least one available to me.

What have I done to merit such outrage?? We’ll get to that momentarily. History has proven that honest, intellectual, and creative freethinkers can be deemed dangerous — demonized and ostracized by their own societies if not murdered outright. Since most on the left don’t endorse literal murder, virtually all of them endorse a social capital punishment to include attempts to force employers to terminate employees who generate numerous complaints and various threats, economic and violent, from anonymous sources.

These individuals are not happy with engaging in any kind of critical discourse utilizing facts. No, they are, for the most part, nothing more than echo chambers of comments made by others with the same ideology they share, spread by agenda driven leftists in mainstream media.

Typically, the “conversations” go like this….”Obama was the greatest President, EVER!!” Then, I reply…”Actually, President Obama violated the Constitution nearly 70 times during his tenure in the Oval Office.” I failed to realize that I just committed the equivalent of bombing Pearl Harbor (not that any of these millennials know anything about Pearl Harbor or any other significant American history at all).

It just goes to hell from there. I’ll be called a racist, bigot, homophobe, and hater of Harry Potter “literature.” The vapid, just name call and move on. The rabid, on the other hand, attack and then keep attacking. They invite their friends to attack, most of whom (on Twitter) just agree and REPOST with NO intelligent replies or remarks of their own. I’ve even had some Google a photo of me in order to determine my identity (which was odd since I used my actual name). Unlike “SnowflakeUnicornLover420,” I do not hide behind anonymity when I post an opinion.

So, these whack-a-Doodles, track my other social media postings, scour my WordPress, Yahoo, Google…etc. They make remarks about my loved ones to include my children, anonymously, of course.

But what makes these “people” so dangerous is the power given to them by social media sites whose own agendas are threatened by people like me. I don’t mean those who are Conservatives, Constitutionalists, Republicans, Christians…etc, although, I do associate or consider myself a member of a few of these classifications.

There’s a sick symbiotic relationship between these media outlets and the dangerous communists, leftists…etc. I started out, years ago, believing the media was just pandering to these idiots in the name of ratings. I quickly discovered, however, the media is populated by these very same liberalists that comprise these groups. The larger conspiracy is the collusion of the mainstream media and left-wing politicians using these people and groups in an attempt to “fundamentally change” Our Constitutional Republic to a European-style socialist “utopia.”

This week, I divested myself from Facebook. These social media monopolies are making it more difficult, if not near impossible, to speak to anyone other than your friends and those “friendly” Echo Chambers. The “other side” has only one response to those like me. Those who believe in an open dialog and actual conversations are screwed. The goal of these idiots on the left is to eradicate the groups and individuals with whom they disagree, by crying like the bitches they are to the powers that be. They run off to mommy and daddy…er, social media administrators (who FULLY support the social views of these whiny bitches), and cry about the big bad racist, bigot, homophobe…etc that gave them butt-hurt with words. Hence, the banishment from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook jail…etc.

The only way to end this is childish behavior is to spank the parent. If enough people just REFUSE to play the game, things will change. Divest yourself of social media. The designers of these platforms publicly admit to using psychological tools and conditioning to promote the release endorphins (Just like DRUGS) to “make” the use of social media feel “good.” How many times do you check a posting for responses? A better question would be, how disappointed are you when no one remarks on one of your posts? We

The only way this situation will change is for We the People who frequent these platforms, to completely divest ourselves of the platforms. Or, at the very least, refuse to “click” on ANY links for advertisers on these platforms. Hit “mommy and daddy” where it hurts…in the pocketbook. Protest these acts of censorship and banishments by taking revenue away from these social media platforms.

Take a page out of the liberal playbook and Target the advertisers and email them with your displeasure and plans to NOT shop their stores nor buy their products. Have all your “friends” do the same. We are not the skinny little guy in the prison shower. We don’t have to take this behavior.

About JAMES A SINGER Owner of That Gun Guy Gun Shop

Retired U.S. Army and former Federal and State Law Enforcement Officer. A self-described Constitutionalist. I have a B.S. in Criminal Justice as well as coursework in political science / Constitutional law.
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