Everytown for Gun Safety: Spreading More Lies

Everytown for Gun Safety, Everytown.org, is out there…er, out there deliberately misrepresenting the facts again… i.e. LYING!

This time it’s about the pending legislation that would remove firearm suppressors from the same classification as machine guns and other classes of devices under the National Firearms Act (NFA). Most people more commonly refer to these devices as “silencers”. The only knowledge most people have about this subject has been gleaned from popular culture through the media. And, like Everytown, reality doesn’t apply. Allow me to dissect and CORRECT Everytown’s ignorance and misrepresentations.

Take this from their Chief Researcher, Paul Joseph Goebbels…er, “Research Division.” “…radical legislation would repeal all federal laws on firearm silencers, making it legal for convicted felons, domestic abusers, and other people with dangerous histories to buy silencers.

This is a flat-out LIE. Not ignorance, just a BIG FAT Lie. The delisting of suppressors would result in these devices being treated the SAME as a firearm. And unlike buying a firearm, the hurdles are much higher and much more expensive to purchase a suppressor. So, no, it would NOT make it legal for people who are prohibited from purchasing a firearm to purchase or possess a suppressor, apparently, an inconvenient “truth.”

They continue by stating that “The federal laws have kept silencers out of the hands of criminals for decades, without blocking access to law—abiding citizens.” Uh, Yeah…right. Correct only if criminals go to a Class III firearms Dealer, spends hundreds or thousands of dollars to purchase a suppressor that they can’t remove from the Dealer’s shop until said criminal fills out a bunch of paperwork, passes a Background Check, and provide a Passport photo. Not done yet! Then, there’s the $200 check made out to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms for the “Tax Stamp”. Then the paperwork and money, are sent to the BATF! Then, we wait and wait and wait and wait some more. Somewhere between 4 and 9 months later, the purchaser receives a letter from BATF saying “okay” or “no-go.” Obviously, this efficient process doesn’t cause any undue burden on “law-abiding citizens.”

According to EVERYTOWN’s crack researchers, “…silencers are not the most effective or the safest way to do so. Widely available ear protection products work better than silencers to protect hearing and safety — which is why the U.S. military relies on them, not on silencers, to protect soldiers’ hearing.” I wonder how much they pay their “researchers” for inaccurate “research?” Inside the ear canal “ear plugs” are never adequate hearing protection for one’s hearing. Virtually every package of ear plugs states that ear muffs should ALSO be used in conjunction with the ear plugs. And there are, in fact, times when normal hearing protection techniques are dangerous to the shooter hunter or military personnel. Hunting season can be dangerous and in a wood full of hunters one requires all of his senses, especially his hearing. Same issue in the military. With communication being the most important asset on the battlefield and with the myriad of communication devices being used, ear plugs don’t fit into the equation, as a U.S. Army veteran myself, I can attest to the fact that suppressors are STANDARD issue to all sniper teams. Apparently, EVERYTOWN’s researchers are not military combat veterans nor hunters. Next Lie-

Silencers in the wrong hands create serious public safety risks.

  • The loud and distinctive noise that a gun makes is one of its most important safety features: when people hear it, they realize they may need to run, hide, or protect others.
  • In mass shootings, being able to hear and identify the gunshots can mean the difference between life and death.”

The first point from my point of view as a former law enforcement officer is total B.S. The general public can’t tell a car back-fire from a firecracker or an actual gunfire. Experience and testimony from individuals involved in a public shooting often say they heard a “bang” and thought it was a firecracker or they didn’t realize it was gunfire until later or when they see someone on the ground or actually see the gunman.  As far as “no one “heard the gunshot(s)”, suppressors only suppress a few decibels. The suppressor is only half of the equation. In order to get the full benefit “sub-sonic” ammunition which is not only difficult to find, most often, it must be ordered. And, sub-sonic ammunition is VERY expensive for your “law-abiding” citizen. I’ve never seen nor heard or ANY average dirtbag criminal going through the bureaucratic and expense of obtaining and using a suppressor in a mass shooting…ever. In reference to their second point, reread this paragraph.

The brain surgeons in research offer more words of “wisdom.” They state that…

The SHUSH Act would make it harder for law enforcement to solve crimes.

Under the bill, the Justice Department would be forced to destroy existing records that can help law enforcement officers solve gun crimes, catch dangerous criminals, and protect communities.”

This completely ludicrous since suppressors offer NO forensic value at all in a death investigation. Suppressors are nothing more than a smaller version of a car muffler that fits on the end of the gun. A bullet fired from a suppressed weapon NEVER touches the inside of a suppressor, therefore it offers NOTHING to any ballistic examination. As stated previously, criminals can’t purchase suppressors, it’s difficult enough for EVERYTOWN’s “law-abiding” citizens.

And, One More Lie from your friendly Anti-gun group EVERYTOWN…

The SHUSH Act would block states from enforcing their own laws regarding silencers.

Under the legislation, state and local policymakers who have carefully crafted their own laws to keep silencers out of the wrong hands would be blocked from enforcing many of those protections, and from making new ones.”

Completely UNTRUE…Who would’ve seen that one coming? Removal of suppressors from the NFA list would have NO effect on existing State laws. In the handful of States where suppressors are illegal to possess, laws would NOT change due to a change in federal law. However, law makers and the citizens of those states could change said laws if deemed appropriate for them through their legislative process.

I know that I left out one or two other fallacious arguments (LIES) because they’re predictable and frankly, I lose more brain cells with every paragraph I read from these LIARS. I call upon everyone to educate themselves on the subject of suppressors. Visit YOUTUBE, there, you will learn all you need to know. Don’t allow organizations like EVERYTOWN to shovel their sh*t.


Retired U.S. Army and former Federal and State Law Enforcement Officer. A self-described Constitutionalist. I have a B.S. in Criminal Justice as well as coursework in political science / Constitutional law.
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