Diversity and Multiculturalism: The Killing of America


“Our military force’s diversity is its greatest strength. The Army Secretary must show genuine support for ALL of our men & women in uniform.” – Sen. Elizabeth Warren

“How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?”

― Charles de Gaulle

Diversity used to have a positive connotation. However now, because of the democratic/liberal/socialist influences in our country, especially since the latter half of the twentieth century, has become a net negative. Often married to the term Multiculturalism.

We have seen this before. The Roman Empire. The ever increasing taxes, unfettered immigration, outsourcing of jobs, governmental corruption, the intentional ignoring and avoidance of opinion by the governed, I could go on and on.

Diversity and multiculturalism are NOT a net positive to a nation, assimilation is. Assimilation is the absorption and integration of people, ideas, or culture into a wider society or culture, is the glue that held America together in the past. During the last century, millions of people came to America. They brought not only their dreams, they also brought their own belief systems and their cultures. One has only to look at the City of New York during this period. There was the Chinese, Irish, Italian, et. al. living in distinct sections or neighborhoods within the city.

They all had their distinct culture and rules that governed their daily lives. However, unlike today, they assimilated to the American culture. They did fight against it not demand that American culture bend to their cultural way of life. These old world immigrants and people from non-European nations desired to become successful. They worked through extreme daily hardships to find work, raise their families and to become Americans. And, they found ways to maintain their cultural foundations all the while striving to become American citizens and embracing American culture. They opened churches, businesses and bought homes. They contributed to the American way of life in every possible way.

Contrast this with what has been happening in our country for the last 40 years. Massive illegal “immigration” ( I describe it, I believe more accurately as “INVASION”) by those with no desire to assimilate to the traditional American culture. They have mostly come for economic reasons, however now, we also have more nefarious motivations. Not only do we have people here illegally draining our institutions of healthcare, education, and employment, they come here in their bid to destroy our nation from within in their bid for world domination under Islam.

In the last century, these people described themselves as Americans first and foremost. Fast forward to the day and we have more hyphenated Americans than we ever had in the past. And, unlike the past, we have not only divided ourselves from each other by culture but by race as well. We have taken heritage celebration months ( A terrible idea by any measure ) into competitions of why “we’re so wonderful,” and “White” people are so…insert any negative word or phrase here…” Just toss the idea of a “White Heritage Month” out into any public arena.

The need for racial victimhood has become so ingrained in American society, that one cannot avoid the subject of race for one day. Since the day President Obama announced his intent to run for office, to the day he left, race relations in this country have degraded to the attitudes common in the first half of this country’s existence.

Every day the average person is deluged with race issues. We’ve now highlight race with almost everything. The Mainstream Media is particularly guilty in this arena. Television, news print, and other media with a liberal bias have done nothing to de-escalate racial tensions. The bias is so blatant as to be absurd. Take police shootings. How many times have you heard or read about a police shooting where the police officer was “white” and the “victim” (God forbid a term like a robber, shooter…etc ), be referred to as shooter, robber or just plain “suspect?” Almost never happens. You don’t hear that a white police officer shot a “white” man or woman. However, you will hear “Black, Asian, Hispanic…etc” (Hispanic is a CULTURE, NOT a race. Not that the media or race baiters make that distinction).

Those on the political left, love to use cutesy phrases in order to push their multifaceted agendas. One that is frequently encountered is:

Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White

The left makes the claim this phrase is used by paranoid white supremacy folks as justification for racist behavior. Are there white racists? Of course. However, unlike some minority groups in this country, there are no White Supremacy groups in positions of political power ( Hello, Congressional Black Caucus….). Here is a list of a few of these groups that have influence in American society:

  • National Action Network.
  • National Afro-American League.
  • National Alliance of Black School Educators.
  • National Black Justice Coalition.
  • National Council of Negro Women.
  • National Equal Rights League.
  • National Ex-Slave Mutual Relief, Bounty, and Pension Association.
  • National Negro Business League.

I wonder how many Americans of Irish descent (original slaves and indentured servants) are represented by the above listed National Ex-Slave Mutual Relief, Bounty and Pension Association? And to be “inclusive” and in the name of Fairness and Diversity, Virtually every race and some cultural organizations, have social and political groups to represent its viewpoints and opinions…Unless you’re white.

I fear that the America where everyone was first and foremost an American, is dead. We have too many competing interests from too many selfish and self-indulgent assholes who are American by legal definition only and not in their hearts. They are leeches on America and whose only interest is, “what’s in for me and mine” instead of what’s best for America as a whole. Diversity and multiculturalism, in and of themselves, are benign terms, until you mix those terms with politics and politicians. Racism of all flavors particularly white supremacy will continue to flourish as long as any government or agency thereof not only shows a preference for but endorsing those policies for non-white people.

About JAMES A SINGER Owner of That Gun Guy Gun Shop

Retired U.S. Army and former Federal and State Law Enforcement Officer. A self-described Constitutionalist. I have a B.S. in Criminal Justice as well as coursework in political science / Constitutional law.
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