The West Continues to Ignore the Truth.


“There is a fundamental disconnect between views of civilizations. Radical Islamists have no intention of assimilating into their respective cultures or contributing to any kind of meaningful dialogue about religion and free speech. They are intent on terrorizing western citizens out of exerting their rights. Their plan of terrorism and intimidation, with the ultimate goal of imposing their religion on others, is fundamentally anti-American and is not meant for the 21st century.”

Why does it seem that many Americans, as well as people abroad, get it, however, Our “leaders” seem to lack the most basic understanding of Islam? Our “leaders,” aided by the media tell us that….” they’re NOT real Muslims, they’re a cult who uses Islam as an excuse, so-called “moderate Muslims” don’t support nor agree with these “CRIMINAL” acts?” A lot of citizens have a near zero understanding of what Islam really encompasses…” In fact, Islam teaches that this message of the Oneness of God and the brotherhood … is the thread which runs through the entire fabric of the Islamic way of life.”

That “entire fabric” includes home, family, culture, and POLITICAL. Islam is a political and socio-economic construct. It is all inclusive, there is no separation of the religious from every facet of a Muslim’s everyday life.

Even when faced with these facts, the western media, directed by our politicians, to intentionally mislead us into believing that we have to accept more of these “people” into our culture and accept them refusing to assimilate, allowing them “rights” the rest of us don’t have like religion in public schools. They move into neighborhoods and once gaining a foothold, begin to systematically employ pressure against their neighbors until they move out leaving entire sections of major cities under the control of a FOREIGN entity operating under Sharia Law. There are sections of major cities in Europe where the police WILL NOT go into. These areas are “controlled” under Sharia Law. They operate their own government, businesses, AND law enforcement (Sharia Patrols). These “Sharia Patrols” are the enforcers for the Imams and have no respect for the rights of Non-Muslims living in these areas. Effectively, creating a nation-state within a nation-state. With the political and judicial systems in these countries enabling all of this because of the mental illness called “multiculturalism, Tolerance, Political Correctness…etc.”

In the last three days, we have witnessed what these policies have wrought. In the spirit of Neville Chamberlain, Europe is committing cultural suicide aided by a Biological Jihad. Europe as a whole is “pulling the trigger” on itself. The Europeans are not having children at the rates necessary to maintain their cultures. In order to maintain one’s culture, the Minimum child birth rate is 2.11. Most of Europe is around 1 or less. Muslim birth rates are on average, over 8! The silver-lining in this is that the out-right murdering in indigenous populations will begin to wain because soon, there will be more of them, in effect breeding the traditional European peoples out of existence. Math doesn’t lie.  ( )

A perfect example of the U.S. media’s complicity with its own Government in LYING to the American people about the truth and ultimate goals of Islam can be seen in the following link. This week, France saw the worst acts of terrorism since the 60’s and 70’s by Algerian Nationalists. MUSLIM terrorists attacked multiple targets in and around Paris. When actual victims began to speak about their experiences, the New York Times printed, THEN quickly deleted, and reposted a victim statement AFTER they had time to “sanitize” and downplay to the role that Islam played in the incidents. Don’t believe me, here is the link that PROVES my claim. ( )

The Lame-stream…er, Mainstream media is putting these so-called Islamic leaders and scholars on television screens everywhere reportedly condemning the actions of these members of the Islamic “fringe” element (If you consider over 800 Million (50% of ALL Muslims are either active Extremists or Support and/or Endorse that “fringe” element). ( Then moments later, they blame the VICTIMS of these terrorist acts. “If only they had not said that….printed that…sang that song, danced, prayed to wrong God…” You get the point.

We are told that there is this phenomenon called the “Moderate Muslim” who doesn’t support violent Jihad. What they don’t tell us is that while “they” say “they” wouldn’t engage “actively” in a terrorist act, “they” sympathize with their Muslim brothers struggle. Here is a sample from a PEW research poll:

“Pew Research (2007): 26% of younger Muslims in America believe suicide bombings are justified.
35% of young Muslims in Britain believe suicide bombings are justified (24% overall).
42% of young Muslims in France believe suicide bombings are justified (35% overall).
22% of young Muslims in Germany believe suicide bombings are justified.(13% overall).
29% of young Muslims in Spain believe suicide bombings are justified.(25% overall).

Pew Research (2011): 8% of Muslims in America believe suicide bombings are often or sometimes justified.” There are over 9 MILLION Muslims in America. That means there are 72,000 Muslims running around America who don’t have a problem with blowing people up. Those “people” include you and me. How do they feel about al-Qaeda?

Pew Research (2007): 5% of American Muslims have a favorable view of al-Qaeda (27% can’t make up their minds). Only 58% reject al-Qaeda outright.

Pew Research (2011): 5% of American Muslims have a favorable view of al-Qaeda (14% can’t make up their minds).

Pew Research (2011): 1 in 10 native-born Muslim-Americans have a favorable view of al-Qaeda.

So, the next time some idiot says…” Oh, you’re just paranoid. American Muslims are different. They enjoy the lifestyle here…”, Point out the above information.

“Fact, Muslims, unlike any other group of people, never seek to simply quietly assimilate into the lands in which they travel. They build their numbers, and as soon as they do, seek to exert their will over their host country. I cannot think of any other group of people who do that. There are millions of Jews living in America, I have yet to see a rally or protest where they demand anything. Islam IS the HIV of the world and Individual Muslims are the virus.”

America is NOT immune to Islamic Terrorism. It happens regularly. However, Our Government, with the complicity of the media, television, radio, print and popular culture, have manipulated and outright LIED to the American people. All of these acts are “criminal acts, you know, robbery….domestic violence, workplace violence or the acts of a mentally ill person.” Muslim fathers mutilate or kill their daughters in “honor killings” are in fact a domestic violence issue, Muslim husbands who cite the Quran when confronted for killing or nearly killing their wives, have those facts  “scrubbed” by the media, again just your run-of-the-mill domestic. Muslims who shoot, stab or say, CUT THE HEADS OFF OF COWORKERS, are of course just engaging in workplace violence. The FACT that they attempted to convert said co-workers to Islam (with no success) and SCREAMED “Allahu Akbar,” Surely had absolutely nothing to do with Islam or what was a terrorist attack. Just two days ago, a Muslim in Ohio, attempted to purchase a ticket at an airport with a stolen I.D., then attempted to stab an airport police officer. Or, how about the MUSLIM U.S. Army psychiatrist, Nidal Malik Hasan, whom everybody KNEW had and EXPRESSED Extremist, radicalized views,  fatally shot 13 people and injured more than 30 others in 2009. Again, the Muslim convert, screamed  “Allahu Akbar,” while murdering and attempting to murder 43 U.S. soldiers. Our Government has gone as far as to REFUSE the brave and honorable soldiers the pay and benefits DUE to them being murdered and injured by an Islamist “During a time of war” Nope. The Government says it was just a case of, you guessed it, “workplace violence.”

As you sit on your comfy couch thanking God that your neighborhood is peaceful and quiet, I’m going to burst your little bubble of security. While it’s true that we don’t have Sharia controlled neighborhoods we ARE NOT out of danger. As I write this, there ARE in fact over 35 Islamic Extremists Compounds engaging in military training. Training to KILL you and take your country from you. And, They are RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA. Here is a link to follow. Watch.

Wake Up! Educate yourself or become the beggar to your own demise.

About JAMES A SINGER Owner of That Gun Guy Gun Shop

Retired U.S. Army and former Federal and State Law Enforcement Officer. A self-described Constitutionalist. I have a B.S. in Criminal Justice as well as coursework in political science / Constitutional law.
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20 Responses to The West Continues to Ignore the Truth.

  1. Hannah chapel says:

    What a load of shit, no reasoning behind the comments written here


  2. Ellie. says:

    When you say “The silver-lining in this is that the out-right murdering in indigenous populations will begin to wain because soon, there will be more of them, in effect breeding the traditional European peoples out of existence.” can I just mention how well the white americans have managed to effectively ‘breed out’ the Native American Indians from THEIR land – but well done on attempting to disguise blatant Islamophobia with a psuedo-intellectual ramble.


  3. John says:

    You don’t show facts, you give a very limited and clearly biased set of events that represent the ideology of a minority, and claim that every member of their religion should be judged by their actions. Every religion has sparked murder in their name. In christianity’s case, the KKK was openly driven by christian religion, and even today there are numerous Islamaphobic acts that simply are not reported (I give only one religion to not give a page long list, every religion has had such acts). To judge every member of a religion by the acts of a few would mean the entire earth’s population are to be seen as terrorists. All you are is a racist bigot.


  4. Tom says:

    Instead of worrying about Muslims, why don’t you write about how the gun laws in America are pathetic and killing hundreds of innocent people a week!


    • If one removes the three largest cities in America with the Strictest gun control laws, the USA falls nearly to the bottom of the list in firearm related MURDERS. In countries with strict gun laws, their violent crime rates ARE IN FACT MUCH HIGHER than the USA. In America, EVERY single State with the ability to carry a firearm, concealed or open carry, have the LOWEST crime rates overall to include violent crime rates. Fact.


  5. Why did I read this says:

    James, no one can be bothered to prove you wrong because no one can be bothered to argue with an idiot. Simple as that.


    • Hayden says:

      What point? That you are in fact an idiot?


      • That’s all you got…..”idiot?” How about trying to argue the facts? That’s the problem with you “appeasing, inclusive, pussy multiculturalists.” You keep trying to assign western values to people who have live like animals for the last 1400 years. Australia and Europe are the perfect case studies as to why you cannot assimilate people who don’t want any part of your culture. But, you keep flogging yourselves with that effort. You will keep being rewarded with murder and mayhem.


  6. Arcadia says:

    ““Fact, Muslims, unlike any other group of people, never seek to simply quietly assimilate into the lands in which they travel.” Where did you get this data from? Can you back it with statistic or some kind of data? Do you know a single Muslim person?I doubt it, seeing how racist and a bigot you are. What are your expert credentials? None? I thought so. I’m glad you used pew as your “source”, because I got pew link that disproves what you claimed as “facts”.

    Pew Research Center’s comprehensive portrait of the Muslim American population suggests it is less likely to be a fertile breeding ground for terrorism than Muslim minority communities in other countries. Violent jihad is discordant with the values, outlook and attitudes of the vast majority of Muslim Americans, most of whom reject extremism (Pew, 2009).

    Also, as the title of Pew Research’s 2007 study suggests, Muslim Americans are “middle class and mostly mainstream.” Compared with their co-religionists in other Western societies, they are relatively well integrated into mainstream society ( Pew, 2009). This is the same study your’re using to spread fear and paranoia right?

    Here is the link

    As for the Columbus man who was shot and killed by police at Port Columbus airport, he had a history of mental illness. Or is mental illness valid only when the person is a white male e.g Colorado theater shooter and many more. Here’s the link to dispatch

    Racists and bigots are not intelligent creatures. Therefore, it is a waste of time and breath trying to educate them . Regardless of facts presented, you will not listen to them. However, I will post my two cents for people who might accidentally stumble on your racist privileged rant and think it’s true.

    Let me guess, you gonna tell me you’re not racist or bigot? Fine, then do all of us a favor and seek mental help for your paranoia and schizophrenia.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Bob says:

    No sources for statistics.



  8. VR Kaine says:

    Mr. Singer, I might disagree with some of what you said in your post but I disagree with the comments against you more. The usual retorts of “you’re an Islamophobe”, “racist”, “ignoramus”, me only serve as more proof of the blatant ignorance that has allowed maiming and murder by Derkas everyone to not just continue, but thrive within the embrace of these “fair share” liberals who are commenting against you. These people think they’re addressing or trying to prevent a problem when in reality they are the ones that allow it to continue to thrive. They’re the ones who ignorantly think that a bunch of religious fanatics bent on killing them will just all of a sudden pick up – I don’t know, basket weaving? – the moment we put down our arms or disengage. They eat up all that these Derkas serve when they bullshit that a “peace” be where Muslims, Jews, and Christians coexist.

    Most of these Derka cultures’ worst enemies are themselves. Their archaic belief systems, their adherence to them, closed hearts, closed minds, and their inability to see life as a choice makes them ripe for exploitation and in some cases, conquer.

    And being the idiotic generalists that they are, Fair Share Liberals want to make it as though us “hawks” believe that we think this about the entire Middle East when we in fact don’t. There are Muslims that want to fight this and truly want peace, but what do “Fair Share” Liberals want us to do? Don’t arm them. Don’t provide them with defensive support. Don’t put a base in their country to deploy from. Most of all, don’t send our troops – but if you do, just make sure they aren’t allowed to fight.. This is how “Fair Share” Liberals deal with an opponent, and why ever single business, policy, or country they put their hands on fails miserably.

    But yeah – let’s let them keep doing what they’re doing.

    I think back to the a great quote from the movie Syriana:

    “You know what the business community thinks of you? They think that a hundred years ago you were living in tents out here in the desert chopping each other’s heads off and that’s where you’ll be in another hundred years…
    “This is a fight to the death. So what are THEY thinking? Great! They’re thinking keep playing, keep buying yourself new toys, keep spending $50,000 a night on your hotel room, but don’t invest in your infrastructure… don’t build a real economy. So that when you finally wake up, they will have sucked you dry, and you will have squandered the greatest natural resource in history…”

    If “Fair Share” Liberals love Native Americans so much they should give their houses and land back to them NOW. If they love the Derkas so much, after they’ve sold their land and houses they can go over there and take their hypocrisy and sanctimonious America-hating with them. If they think they’re so “in tune” with these absolutely backwards retards of the Middle East and share some sort of kindred soul with them, then let them go try and live with them, especially as a woman or non-Mulsim. See how far their “put daisies in rifles” and “please don’t hate us, we love you!” attitude gets them.


  9. What about the people who invaded US from local people, did they follow their life style or imposed their lifestyle on them……Read some history before writing,


    • That was OVER 200 years and the American Indian has MORE benefits and privileges then regular American citizens. Islam is destroying nations and people RIGHT F’N. Beheadings and slavery happen EVERY MINUTE of everyday. There are over 800,000,000 muslim extremists and those who support their beliefs and actions throughout the world. Get YOUR “facts” straight.


  10. Infidel4Life says:

    James Singer Is A God Damn American Hero!!


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